Le premier “vrai” service de mon nouveau vstrom est fait 😉 support GPS et caméra monté 😉

ya plus qu’a voyager 😉

si quelqu’un a des avis sur des valises, un crashbar ainsi que des feux brouillard et/ou longue portée , n’hésitez pas, ce sont mes prochaines étapes 😉


  • Meggy Ingmar

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    • nazotaf

      wordpress is great for many things 😉 just learn to use it and avoid spammers like those who try to publish some malware publishing websites, service sellers, spam makers wannabe hackers, and so on , be aware that most of them wont use a concrete text, but will use their website address in an attempt to infect the visitors of your site who will click on their link 😉
      as some does , i have to remove a few of them each day 😉 i saw that you already know at least one of them .

      they commonly use some hacked onlinenet ip addresses those days 😉 beware of that

  • Mora Adair

    Hallo, Ihr Blog ist sehr erfolgreich! Ich sage bravo! Es ist eine großartige Arbeit geleistet! 🙂 Mora Adair Portuna

  • Lesya

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  • Emelina Abelard Susie

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